Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden (Over) Abundance

Still trying to claw my way through an abundance of cucumbers - so far 4 jars relish, 12 jars bread and butter pickles, 8 jars dill spears, and countless batches of refrigerator pickles.

And these are still taunting me from the sink!


Maria said...

Lucky! I planted late and haven't got any yet.

Mountain Mama said...

VERY jealous!! I cant even find Colorado grown veggies at the store, much less have my own growing up here...Maybe next year!! There is a local food drought here in CO. It really is a shame becausee there are SO many foodies here. You could easily sell those jars of pickles for over $10 per jar here ;o)

I miss gardening, but I would not pass up the awesome mild weather here in Colorado for that crazy TN heat ever again!! ;o)