Monday, May 21, 2012

Gardens Blessings

240. Seeds are in the ground.
241. goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms, lightly fried and served with balsamic vinegar

242. First peek at corn rows

243. My mother's day gift from my god-daughter..... even more meaning after having completed CGS Level 2 formation which revolves around the parable of the true vine.

244. Father came to bless the garden.  Even the fish in the little pond received a blessing!

245. First CSA box for the season.  I have been looking forward to it for weeks, a box full of the first vegetables of the spring.  Kale, arugula, green onions, lettuce, and the last of the season's strawberries.

246. karaoke with friends

247.  my mom and my husband singing "I've Got Friends in Low Places", cause 'round here that's a family tradition since 1991.


Nope said...

I love your blog!! Do you know where the evlogia blog went..your blog and hers were very inspirational to me...

Anna said...

Thank you! I am sad to say that Katherine and I have not been in touch recently, and I was not aware her blog was down. I am sorry I don't have any answers, perhaps she will resurface in a few months after life home with a new little one stablizes?

Nope said...

Thank you!!! Again, I love your blog and love to learn stuff about the orthodox faith. I was baptized Orthodox but in my country noone practiced it so it is amazing what I am discovering. The orthodox faith lived and alive!!