Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On Educating our Children

"We can play a role as the instruments of our very God and savior in nurturing their souls.......And preparing them for that moment, when they stand before our Lord and Savior .......  When you want to quit ….. Remember this, you can play a role, you can see them one day, before their Lord, as they hear His words “well done”, and when He says that to your children, it will echo in your soul, it will echo in your soul forever.  That is what it is about.  That’s it."

-Andrew Kern from  Analytical Learning


vicki said...

Wow! THat's a nugget to come back to over and over on this journey of motherhood! Thanks for sharing it! Thanks also for your previous post. I was in the midst of major fear and doubt (as we contemplate high school) just before The St Emmelia conference. It was just these kinds of thoughts that reminded me WHY I am doing all of this in the first place. I am still fairly sure that I cannot successfully homeschool high school, but I am trusting that with God's grace I will. More importantly, I was reminded that my hopes for my children are so much bigger than that highschool diploma! I know than in homeschooling highschool, I have more time I need to continue to strengthen their souls within the life of the Church! My prayers are with you as you discern your path, please pray for me as well!

Anna said...

Vicki - wow is right, Andrew has a way of hitting you hard. I am so sad we had to miss the conference this year, am hoping to be there next year. The timing is so great, it is always about that time of year I begin to have all of those feelings of doubt and fear and it is such an uplifting and encouraging experience. And yeah, high school makes me nervous :)