Friday, May 18, 2012

To what end

Headed out to our curriculum fair, for the first time in 4 years.  It has a bad habit of landing on our anniversary, so I don't often attend.  So what am I mulling over as I enter the sea of books?

"But withal, let my teacher remember to what end his instructions are principally directed, remonstrates Montaigne (1933):  'That he imprint not so much in his schollers mind the date of the ruin of Carthage, as the manners of Hanniball and Scipio, nor so much where Marcellus died, as because he was unworthy of his devoire (duty) he died there:  that he teach him not so much to know Histories, as to judge them... To some kind of men, it is a mere gramaticcal studie, but to others a perfect anatomie of Philosphie; but (by) meanes whereof, the secretest part of our nature is searched-into."

Norms & Nobility p.4

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