Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pascha Dress for the Little Princess

When I found this beautiful embroidered fabric a few months back, I just knew I had to find a good use for it. 

It just shouted Pascha!  So, I gave the Regency dress pattern another spin.  I was a bit concerned about the heaviness of the embroidery, but I managed to cut it so most seams were embroidery free.  The only real problem I had was with the gathers at the waist, if a gathering thread ran through a flower, it did not care to pull up for me at all!
But, all in all, it turned out beautiful.  I didn't line the sleeves, which makes them look a bit "dirty," since there is no white lining fabric behind them, but I am not sure it could have handled the bulk.  Top it off with a strip of vintage lace we found tucked in the corner of the antique store last week,  perfect match.  I love this dress pattern.  Next time I think I will try a light weight cotton print for a more casual feel.


magda said...

I am undecided between "How lovely!" and "Hooray!"

Matushka Anna said...

Wow. That's just gorgeous! [since Magda already took "lovely" :-)]

Alicia said...

Beautiful and elegant! She looks just like a real live princess.
Alicia in New Zealand

Michelle M. said...

That is beautiful! (since Mat. Anna already took "gorgeous") :)