Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday

Time. What is it?  Augustine once said that  "If no one asks me, I know what it is.  If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know."

"the clock has the effect of disassociating time from human events and thus nourishes the belief in an independent world of mathematically measurable sequences.  Moment to moment, it turns out, is not God's conception, or nature's.  It is man conversing with himself about and through a piece of machinery he created. .... [with the invention of the clock], eternity ceased to serve as a measure and focus of human events. ..... [In a world of clocks and time keepers], we have learned an irreverence toward the sun and the seasons, for in a world made up of seconds and minutes, the authority of nature is superseded. " 
[Neil Postman,  Amusing Ourselves to Death]

Our lives seem to spin out of control, as we are searching for the balance.  We regret the past, we look to the future always, we check our watch (or rather our iPh*ne) to keep time with the world, to schedule the next moment.  And we forget now.  We forget what Einstein understood, that a moment is not quite as neat and simple as a ticking clock.  Moments can last an eternity, or they can pass us by unnoticed.  And yet we continue on, "ordering our lives in a way that produces chaos" [Fr. Noah Bushelli].  How can we stretch those moments?  How can we dilate time?  Not by moving at the speed of light, but rather by slowing down.  Taking the moments, making them meaningful, living them purposefully.  Marking time not by hours and minutes, but by seasons.  Marking the milestones.  Last week the little princess marked a big one, a decade of her sweet smile and fiery temper and deep spirit.  A decade that raced past, often when I wasn't looking.  So now, I stop, make time stand still for just the two of us.  Together we count memories, not minutes.....
96. pillow fights
97. white sheets
98. quiet time alone with my little princess
99. riding the elevator to the top floor, just because

100. fountains

101. sharing a treasured story

 102. staying up 'til midnight, swimming, because this day and night,  hours don't count, only memories
 103. painted toes
104. her little hand reaching out to hold mine as we walk 
105. ten years of loving my first little girl


Unknown said...

Beautiful. Please tell her we said Happy Birthday! It amazes me how quickly time has flown (as everyone warned it would) since my first was born, and it has seemed to pass even quicker with the 2nd. I am so thankful I have the ability to say "no" to to-do lists and "yes" to puzzles, stories, and special snacks on rainy days like today.

elizabeth said...

Many years. I love esp the bed jumping picture; it is breathtaking. What blessings you have been given!

flowersforTeacher said...

Enjoyed it all... looks like the trip was great.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Love this, too! Happy Birthday to your girl!

DebD said...

how sweet. Happy birthday to your little one.

Craig said...

What an interesting beginning. Augustine loved the study of time and eternity.

And that picture over the bed – stopping time? Magnificent. And 10 years old – I forgot how young ten years old is – I remember 5th grade – that’s how young. You feel so old at 10 but you’re still a babe. Don’t tell princess I said that. Your “time” spent with here looks wonderful. Happy birthday to her – and to YOU.

God bless you and keep you – and all of yours Anna.

Sarah said...

How precious and PRICELESS that time must have been! I am so happy for you both, that you have those memories for always!!! Love and miss you guys! See you in a few weeks :)

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for sharing this precious time!!! Your posting on time reminded me of our trip to Lund Sweden where we saw a very old clock in a cathedral. I looked at that and said to myself, "well, if we've got to keep time, this is the way to do it." I am still not convinced that we need time pieces at all! (Happy Birthday - belatedly - to your princess!)