Monday, April 18, 2011

Thankful Days of Grace

124. the calm before a storm
125. the color of spring, that green you only see in early spring just after a rainstorm

126. dogwoods blooming

127. first rose

128. flower buds lined up in a window

129. remembering loved ones

130. hydrangea, her favorite flower

131.  kneading the dough as a gift to God, a gift He will return to us in the form of His Body broken for us, love filling our mouths

132. the end of LENT!   
133. a taste of Pascha, cloths briefly changing to gold before entering the Bright Darkness of Holy Week
 134.  palm branches waving, shouts of Hosannah ringing out!


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

great post, AM! that particular shade of green is my favorite too. it seems every year that the woods behind our house spring to life all at once after the season's first good rain. ;)
i remember Mrs. N, too - i know you miss her.
love your bread! i wish we lived closer - there's much i could learn from you. :)
The Lord is Risen! (a bit early for that, but in case i don't 'see' you again...)

Anna said...

jennifer - Thanks :) He is Risen indeed! and thanks for sharing your journey - it is good to have those ahead on the road to see how things go in highschool. As my oldest hits 7th grade next year, things start to get more overwhelming, so I appreciate all I learn from your writing!

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

Wonderful photos!...our son, Sbdcn. John, is in one of them.