Monday, April 11, 2011

Thanksgiving from the St. Emmelia Conference

106. dew drops, frozen in time, suspended on soft fuzzy leaves, reminder of younger days when a yard full of dew was a magical thing
107. seeing the face of God in those dew drops, His hand present in each one

108. cross reaching up to heaven, victory in death

109. ladder, burning bush, she who contained the Uncontainable, looked into the eyes of her Son and saw God
110. standing before the grave site of a saint
111. venerating the relics of many others, sweet fragrance of holiness 
112.  beautiful god-daughter, twinkling eyes full of mischief
113. lonely prayer rope, invitation to pray as we enter
114. light pouring through glass, filling a holy place with it's beauty

115. A God who welcomes the children into His lap

116. a chapel just steps away, services twice a day, life truly turning on the rhythm of prayer

117.  more children than adults in church, and no one turning to look when a baby cries
118.  room full of adults having fun making felt saints

119. children of all ages together, having fun

120. new friends

121. wisdom shared, from men who consider it important to spend a weekend of their time inspiring us to be good parents, teachers, and humans.  Thank you Andrew Kern, Fr. Noah Bushelli and Fr. Andrew Damick
122. worship with a room full of people who are bonded by two connections, our faith and our desire to educate our children ourselves
123. the time and effort of all of those who worked so very hard to make this conference happen, thank you Barli!!


Anonymous said...

Anna~your pictures tell a story within beautiful to share them. Thank you and have a blessed day~Theresa

flowersforTeacher said...

Looks like it was wonderful, look forward to hearing about next year. Any date set yet?

Craig said...

Oh, that leaf – it looks like it’s made of crystal. And even though I just came by today to read your stuff – not via Ann – I still heart your thank yous – and my fave? 118. room full of adults having fun making felt saints (felt saints – look at them – how adorable!!! And look at the care in the making. I heart this – the whole conference sounds like a blessing) I’m really glad I got a chance to come by today. I always heart your stuff.

God bless and keep you and all of yours.