Saturday, August 29, 2009

A is for Anna

We officially began our letter lessons last week, a little earlier than I planned, but she was exploding with excitement to "do kindergarten", so we went ahead and started. One fun thing we did with the letter "m" was when we read Mary the Mother of God she raised her hand every time she heard a word that began with the "m" sound. There are a lot - and it was a great activity for phonetic awareness.

Our next lesson is the letter "a". Since we have been reading about the Theotokos, it is a natural progression to then move to her mother Anna - my patron saint. This week we will focus on St. Anna, the sounds of "a", and of course, apples :) I have lots of fun books related to apples, and since it is a bit early for apples off our own apple tree, we will be using store bought apples to make applesauce and apple pie.

One note - with "a", I am introducing all three sounds to her, and we will practice all three, but our focus will be on the short "a" sound.

Monday - introduce letter with flashcard, re-read Mary, Mother of God this time focusing on Anna, take narration and color icon
Tuesday - practice making the sound and thinking of things that start with that sound, make applesauce, explore letter bag
Wednesday - practice shape of letter using play-doh and textured tracing cards , make apple pie
Thursday - color flower from flower fairy alphabet - apple blossom of course :), make apple ice cream
Friday - Copywork page

What we will be reading:
(including link for apple ice cream - yum!)

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