Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

I love baby showers! Last Friday I helped host a baby shower - and since the mom-to-be hates pink I pulled out the rubber ducks and we had a blue and yellow baby fest!

Aren't those huge ducks great! I found those years ago at Walgreens for under $5 each. They have served for many baby showers and even a few birthday parties over the years.
Gotta' have lots of soapy fun, even if it is sugar :)

And my favorite touch - pick up a pair of yellow rubber boots on clearance, pop a glass inside to hold water, and fill with sweet daisies!

Add a few glasses full of blue marbles, a flock of mini rubber ducks, and have fun. Oh, and while I don't have a pic for this - don't leave out the punch - mix blue hawaiian punch, pineapple sherbert and gingerale for a bubbly mix perfect to float a few ducks in.


Erin said...

Awesome! How did you do those pearly white "bubbles" on the cake? Are they gumpaste?

elizabeth said...

Wow. That looks really lovely!

Anna said...

the "bubbles" are just balls of fondant (as in premade wilton in a box :) dusted with pearl dus. I have a small tupperware with pearl dust, just drop some balls in, close the top and shake/swirl. They come out all pretty and shiny (also good for making pearls. This is one of the quickest/easiest cakes to make! I used to actually make a cake duck for the top, but the last two times I have been in a time crunch, so on goes the rubber ducky - and no one complains :)

Erin said...

I'm adopting parts of this idea for this weekend. I'm doing a baptismal cake for my niece. Thank you, thank you! I was feeling totally lost for any ideas.

Anna said...

be sure to share a pic!