Thursday, August 13, 2009

Phonics Cards

I have posted a link in the sidebar to the set of phonics cards if anyone wishes to download them. They are not complete - but all the letters of the alphabet are represented except "q". I will add that one and the other multi-letter phonograms later, but wanted to post these in case someone wants to go ahead and get them printed up now. They are roughly in the order we will use them, but since I am doing this as I go, there is always the possibility I may shuffle things around as we get into the school year (especially towards the end of the set). I am looking forward to starting them, and plan to have the next letter lesson posted over the weekend.


Erin said...

Are you going to use Quadratus as the q card? Just wondering . . . :)

Anna said...

well, if you have an icon! That was the one I was looking for - but have not had any luck locating an image - so if you know where one is, point me in the right direction :)