Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lovely Places on the Web

I love stumbling across beautiful spots on the web. In my hunt for the perfect paper to make invitations for the Queen's upcoming fairy birthday party, I found an amazing site. If you need special notecards or unique invitations, you need to look at what Cheryl creates. Using pressed flowers, she creates the most beautiful scenes and invitations. So beautiful in fact, for the first time in 8 years I am going to buy invitations for a child's birthday. I have nearly always made my own, even for showers and my parent's anniversary party (which required 75 plus invites!), but I am in love with the look of her cards, and they capture the feel of a fairy wonderland perfectly. She is going to custom create my invitation, and I am seriously considering having her do invitations for the baby whose second birthday will be in October. So go explore her site, and splurge on a set of beautiful thank you notes or personalized cards.

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