Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's in your workboxes today?

I thought it might be a fun idea to give a look each week at one of the kids workboxes, to share ideas about how I am loading them, so today I will share with you what is in the crocodile hunter's 5th grade workboxes.

1 - latin flashcards, blank cards and colored pencils for adding new vocabulary words
2 - lively latin exercises
3 - math drill from Math on the Level, pencil, timer - he times himself and writes the time at the top of the page and turns it in to me
4 - strayor upton math book and pencil - this he will work with me to complete
5 - pattern blocks and 3 patterns to design
6 - Guns for General Washington - with a note indicating which chapters to read
7 - copywork and pencil - printed off from Evlogia
8 - Backyard Scientist experiment book, science experiment sheet, baking soda, tablespoon measure, cup, popcorn, vinegar - when he gets to here the little princess can stop what she is doing to observe
9 - Hooked on Drawing book, pencil, paper - instructions to do warm-up exercises

In addition to these assignments, his schedule strip includes morning time with everyone, piano practice and running on the treadmill. On Friday I am planning to post a schedule showing how I have incorporated the workboxes into our school day.

Anyone who wants to join me in this (sort of a workbox version of a weekly reporter), post a comment here linking to your post answering the question "what's in your workboxes today?" I am only going to list one child's contents each week, but you are welcome to share multiple kids if you wish (I didn't want this post to be too terribly long!)


Erin said...

We've just started my slightly modified version of the workboxes. Two days in and it's going REALLY great! I'm actually surprised at how well it is going. I'll try to participate in this and post something later tonight. Frankly, two of our drawers are identical to yours (math drill, pencil, stopwatch in one and copywork and pencil in another).

Tina said...

I'm on a modified workbook system, also. Instead of per subject, I have a workbox per day. I'll post about it on my blog now.