Friday, August 7, 2009

Open for business, sort of

Well, it only took me a year, but I finally got the etsy shop going :) Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of things to list yet, since I sold most of the dresses I had in stock at a local sale this spring. But, I listed the one gown I had hanging in my closet, and since I have a sewing room full of fabric and lovely vintage pillowcases, I hope to be adding more very soon, so we will just call this a "soft opening." So go check it out, and keep checking back through the new link on my sidebar for new items coming soon!


Pres. Kathy said...

May God bless your new shop!

Christian said...

good for you. E's been suggesting I should do this, too. Maybe you'll help me get busy.

Anna said...

does that mean it is really you posting this time :) usually I see your name, followed by an apology for Erin posting as you :) Hope all is well - what are you considering selling, icons perhaps?